We promote strong links for working together with families. This is based on a 'home-school' partnership model which is supported by a dedicated team for each key stage.
Whole School Targeted support for individuals or small groups Short/Medium term Specialised Individual Support Medium/Longer term

Partnership working between schools and families based on trust.
Offering advice about wider support services
Use of Website to have key documents easily accessible

Transparent working so data, assessments and the nature of support is shared regularly with parents

Accessible to parents by offering meetings inside and outside of school hours

Active listening strategies used with all parents
Variety of communication methods offered- phone, email, face-to-face

Resources made available to all parents e.g. books, policies
Workshops offered on a range of suitable topics e.g. Dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Use of outside support to build relationships with families e.g. Parent Partnership

Available support sign posted to specific parents and tailored to their individual needs

Regular meetings with families to update about progress and achievement, and to listen/respond to concerns

Asking parents when is the most appropriate time for them

Information presented in a variety of ways which could include website, newsletters, videos…
Outside agencies consulted to provide additional support/information where necessary

Staff delivering interventions feedback to parents and relevant staff

Regular meetings where all relevant parties meet to discuss the child.

Advocate support if necessary for parents and pupils

Information personalised to
ensure language is appropriate to the parent’s needs

Changes in legislation explained to all parents and the implications for their child

Specific outside agencies used to ensure pupils and their families are able to access information and the curriculum

School staff liaise to ensure consistent message is given to parents

Regular opportunities to meet with SENCo and/or key worker