Information Sharing


We aim to be accessible for all information sharing with transparency and to communicate with parents about all aspects of the special needs provision made for their children.
Whole School  Targeted support for individuals or small groups Short/Medium term Specialised Individual Support Medium/Longer term

Assess - levels of ability. Plan - appropriate input.

Do – put it into practice. Review – evaluate outcomes.

Current, regularly updated policies and provision
Available to all users in accessible formats.

Staff training and reflective performance management.
Whole governing body
Survey of the pupil voice
Offer of advice and support for families.
Links between schools
Working with families
Transition process.
Sharing information: - website; staff; governors; families; pupils; community and outside agencies.

Pastoral practice.
Flexibility and adaptation.

Accessible to all users.
Transparency of information.
Multi agency.

Assess - Plan - Do - Review

Provision in line with SEN Policy

Identification and Review of whole staff training needs.
SEN Governor

Inclusion of all pupils in information sharing
Funding – transparency of provision.

Information sharing about additional to and different from support and provision.
Links with the Local Authority.
Working with families
Transition - sharing of information/knowledge of individual needs.
Equipment/resources for
Targeted provision.
Accountability including flexibility and adaptation.

Assess- Plan - Do - Review

Statutory needs met within all school policies.
Specialist training needs.

SEN Governor

Review of pupil voice and reasonable adjustments to meet a full range of additional needs.
Personalised planning with the family and child/young person
Links with LA
Working with families
Transition planning, practice with attention to specific needs /accessibility.