Alde Valley School is an inclusive school with the philosophy of 'Achievement for All’ at its heart. We have a holistic approach where we believe that for a student to achieve his or her full potential, there needs to be a balanced development of self, of social relations, and of academic potential.

There is a wide range of provision for students who are experiencing social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. We have access to advice and direct support for students from Local Authority Advisors, School Health, Social Services and many other outside agencies. Referrals to these services are co-ordinated by the SENCo in order to rationalise provision.

Whole School  Targeted Support for individuals or small groups Short/Medium term Specialised Individual Support Medium/Longer term

Staff training for knowledge and understanding for a full range of needs

Identification and assessment of need

Access to relevant information to ensure appropriate teaching and learning opportunities for all learners

Planning for “reasonable adjustments”  within the classroom

Monitoring and review of progress

Access to the whole curriculum including trips and visits

Access to the building and leisure areas

School level planning for transition

Staff training for the use of specific support strategies

Access to specialist support and guidance

Sharing of information to support learning with links to classroom practice

Strategic planning for the use of additional adults 

Graduated approach to level of support

Appropriate adaptations for access to the curriculum, trips and visits

Reasonable adjustments made to allow access to classrooms and leisure areas

Additional person centred plans for transition

Training for specific intervention programmes

Additional levels of assessment as needed

Links between focused  intervention and support strategies and classroom practice

Personalised planning for interventions and classroom support

Specified, time limited additional support with targets for development

Personalised plans for access to the curriculum, trips and visits

Specialist support to allow access to classrooms and leisure areas and appropriate alternatives

Individualised transition planning with links to a range of external Agencies.