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Emergency Bubble Collapse Letter

posted 28 Sept 2020, 06:28 by Mark Wilson   [ updated 28 Sept 2020, 06:28 ]
25 September 2020
Dear Parent / Carer,

These are exceptionally challenging times for schools across the country and I want to make it very clear that my greatest concerns are:
   Keeping your children safe
   Ensuring they get access to a high-quality education
   Keeping the school open
Recent events have highlighted the need for us to act quickly but also safely and to this end I would like to seek your consent that should we be faced with the need to quickly send a Year Group Bubble home, we can do so in the knowledge that your child will be safe to get home.
Clearly, the younger the student, the harder this may be and we will always make provision for students to be kept on site until the end of the school day or until they can be collected.
We would always make parents aware before any such action was taken.
I would be grateful if you were to indicate on the form below what your preferred option would be in the event of a Year Group Bubble closure:
1 Allow your child to go home immediately in the event of an emergency closure
2 Your child to remain on site until they can be collected
3 Your child to remain on site until the end of the day
Should the need arise to collapse a bubble, we are seeking to minimise transmission and reduce the risks to the wider community, therefore option 3 should be used only if 1 or 2 simply is not possible.
A link to the form can be found  HERE.
I would be extremely grateful if you would complete your preference by Wednesday 30 September. Yours Faithfully,
Dan Mayhew