Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 7 – 1 lesson a fortnight

The Big Draw

Drawing as a language

Jungle Project

Henri Rousseau

Georgia O'Keeffe

Environmental Project

Year 8 – 1 lesson a week

The Big Draw

Drawing from observation


Colour Mood and Expression


Experimental Painting


Year 9 – 1 lesson a week

The Big Draw

Drawing as a language


Myself - Exploration of thinking skills to develop personalised creative projects through a range of media e.g. paint, print, ICT, Photo, sculpture.


Introduction of innovative project as a continuation of developing ideas in a range of media.

Collaborative group tasks optional. Presentation of work from portfolio and sketchbook.

Projects are examples – around 1 or 2 a term. We do not cover a specific topic each term, but work from a list to cover print, 3D sculpture, ICT, drawing, painting, collage, composition and artist reference.