Introduction to Careers Guidance and Inspiration (CGI)

Careers Guidance and Inspiration

Careers Guidance and Inspiration aims to help students develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures and to help students manage progression from one stage of their school career to the next, and finally into either Higher Education, Further Education or employment in the form of an apprenticeship.

Working with external providers and businesses we are able to offer an integrated Careers Guidance and Inspiration programme throughout the students’ school life. In addition to information booklets, there are annual progression evenings to inform parents and to assist students to make a sensible choice of future pathways.

But the programme offers much more than that. Students are supported with a complete programme of registration activities alongside additional career education lessons, 1 to 1 interviews, mentoring programmes and special events including The Next Step, our whole school careers day, and work experience.

There are specific times in your school life when decisions have to be made – GCSE option choices during Year 9, post 16 progression during Year 11, university choices and applications during the sixth form and career choices for the future. Whilst support may be targeted to specific students at specific times to meet these decisions, CEIAG is always available. 

As well as personal advice and support from the staff at Alde Valley School, there are several websites that students can use to find out more answers. 
UExplore – This multi-faceted website is available to all students. It provides detailed information about a huge array of careers. Students will need to register and login and can then build their own account. The registration/login page is available on the school site.
KUDOS – Don’t know what you want to do? Need to identify and then use your skills? Use KUDOS to signpost you in the right direction. The registration/login page is available on the school site. When creating a password students should begin it with AVS.
There are several other sites that will offer impartial advice which can be accessed online, in or out of school. Details of these sites are displayed on the careers noticeboard  near Reprographics. They include:
  • The Source
  • Careersbox
  • Plotr
  • National Careers Service
  • Cascaid
  • Careerscape.
  • The Next Step

In November Alde Valley will again be holding their whole school careers event – The Next Step. Students will be able to experience a wide variety of workshops aimed specifically at their stage in the decision making process. The school will also host a market place of employers, local, regional and national, who will be able to advise about jobs both in their company and in their sector. Parents will also be able to attend the market place as we recognise that the input of parents in this process is vital.

Raising the Participation Age (RPA)
The Education and Skills Act 2008 increased the minimum age at which young people in England can leave learning, thus requiring them to continue in education or training or a job with training to the age of 17 from 2013 and to 18 from 2015. This does not mean they have to stay at school. ‘Education or training’ means either school or FE College and ‘a job with training’ generally means an apprenticeship.

Careers Evening

We ensure that all students at Alde Valley have access to all the career information and options that are available. A great way to do this is by holding a Careers’ Evening where all areas are covered from 6th forms, colleges, apprenticeship companies, local businesses, Special Forces to universities and the volunteering sector.  

This year our Careers’ Evening on 8th November was the largest event that we have ever held at Alde Valley with over 25 companies, colleges and representatives. Our students had the privilege to meet and discuss ideas and options for their future career.

Our objective was to encourage all of our students to gain the best knowledge and the specific information that they require to help them make decisions in their education and career pathway. 

Some students will have come to the evening not knowing what they wish to do post-16 but most have will definitely left with a plan or idea in mind.  I will then work with all students to assist them during their option selections in year 9 and then with choosing their Post 16 placement after their exams. 

A student commented “It was a very well organised and well-presented event. I feel my options for my future were opened up a lot more and I now have more opportunities and insights to consider.”

Mrs L. Osborne - Exams/IAG Lead

Student Destinations

We worked closely with all of 2017/18 year 11 students to give advice and guidance on their next steps into Post-16 placements.  We are pleased that all students secured a Post 16 place. Some have moved on to 6th forms and colleges to complete A levels or B Tec courses while others have ventured into the world of work through an apprenticeship.  All students worked really hard and achieved their goals in gaining their chosen placement.  See below for our post year 11 student’s destinations; 2017/18 Student Destinations.

  • 40.0% Suffolk New College
  • 13.0% Apprenticeships
  • 13.0% Suffolk One
  • 12.0% Suffolk New College - On the Coast
  • 6.0% Farlingaye High School
  • 4.0% Easton & Otley College 
  • 4.0% Lowestoft Sixth Form College
  • 4.0% Thomas Mills High School
  • 3.0% Sir John Leman High School

Well done to all students and I wish them all the best in the future in their next stage of their education.