Computer Science





GCSE (J276)


Exam Board:  OCR


100% Examination



Unit 1 - Computer systems

The examination will cover the body of knowledge about computer systems, as well as ethical, legal cultural and environmental concerns within the Computing field. 

1 hour 30 minutes, written paper (50% of final grade)


Unit 2 - Computational thinking, algorithms and programming

The examination will cover: 

  • Algorithms
  • Programming techniques
  • Producing robust programs
  • Computational logic
  • Translators and facilities of languages
  • Data representation

1 hour 30 minutes, written paper (50% of final grade)


Unit 3 - Programming techniques

Students will design a coded solution to a problem set by the exam board, with attention paid to the following areas:

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing, evaluation and conclusions

The coded solution is expected to be fully annotated to explain the codes function and evaluate its fitness for purpose (Not assessed, but must be completed in 20 timetabled hours, as per exam board requirements).


Guest speakers – External visits – Trips related to the industry


Web Designer, Computer Games Developer, Software Developer, Network Engineer, Systems Analyst, Network Manager, Database Administrator, Archivist, Cartographer, Information Scientist, IT Support, Media Researcher, Data Entry Clerk, Technical Author, Security Service personnel


Starting Salary can vary, but usually starts at around £10,500 and with experience can offer over £50,000 (not including bonuses!)

Year 11 Revision:

All Year 11 students have been provided with a workbook and 2 different revision guides of different styles, which has been sent home with them to help them with their revision. A set of flash cards have also been provided.

Knowledge Organisers
Knowledge organisers can help you with your revision for upcoming mock and live examinations. A set of knowledge organisers for this course can be viewed or downloaded at the bottom of this page. Note that some topics have been combined.

Revision Websites:
Craig and Dave video playlists – covers each element of the OCR specification in order (also set as homework at the end of each topic)

Interactive flash cards and revision exercises

Another method of revision

A good revision website for testing

a basic website for Key Computer Science elements

GCSE Computer Science Theory revision

Key Dates
NEA Project final submission - By Christmas break
Component 1 exam - 11th May 2020
Component 2 exam - 14th May 2020

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