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What is GCSE Drama:

Drama is essentially a practical ‘experience’, concerned with imagination and communications. It is an intellectual, practical and artistic subject which has its roots in exploration through improvisation, but looks at plays written by other people.

Who might enjoy this course?

Our Drama course allows students to study drama in an academic setting, whilst applying your knowledge and understanding to the process of creating and developing drama and to your own performance work.

A practical approach to assessment – There’s a high percentage of practical assessment in the non-examined assessment and a single portfolio assessment for students.

Skills to help students stand out – The course aims to create independent thinkers with skills in research, working with others, analysis, communication, time management, ICT, problem solving, planning and organising.

What about exams? What will I study?

You will research and explore a stimulus, work collaboratively and create your own devised drama.


The 2 year course is broken down into the following:


1.Devising drama*

60 marks Non-exam assessment

30% of total GCSE

You will develop and apply theatrical skills in acting or design  by presenting a showcase of two extracts from a performance text.


2.Presenting and performing texts

60 marks Non-exam assessment (Visiting examination)

30% of  total GCSE

You will explore practically a performance text to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of drama.

You will analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance.




3.Drama: Performance and response

80 marks

Exam assessment

1 hour 30 minutes

(Written paper)

40% of  total GCSE.

What could I do next with GCSE Drama?

Progress to AS/A2 in Drama and Theatre Studies.