GCSE Physical Education

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Who might enjoy this course?

Students who feel successful in different aspects of PE on a practical level. Students who are interested in the anatomy and psychology of sport and who will enjoy the implications of sport on the fitness, health and well-being on themselves and on society.

What about exams? What will I study?

You will participate in and study all of the practical activities below in school time and we will submit your best three scores from your practical assessments. This is worth 75% of final practical assessment. The Students will be expected to attend the clubs appropriate to their preferred sports to enhance their experience and performance.

•              Netball

•              Football

•              Handball

•              Rugby Union

•              Dance

•              Tennis

•              Athletics

•              Badminton

•              Swimming

•              Trampolining

Students who perform to a high level through personal club time may also submit video evidence in any of the following. This will be done in conjunction with the PE department to ensure the criteria for assessment is met.




Analysis of one of the 3 sports submitted is worth 25% of the final practical assessment. The final 10% of the practical grade will come from controlled coursework which is based upon analysis of either your own or another’s performance in a self-selected sport.

The practical assessments with the analysis is worth 40% of the final grade.



This is worth 60% of the final grade

Paper 1

•              Applied anatomy and physiology

•              Movement analysis

•              Physical training

Paper 2

•              Sports psychology               

•              Socio-cultural influences

•              Health Fitness and Well Being 

•              There will be data work across both papers

For more details information about this course, see the "AQA PE Introduction" document attached to the bottom of this page.


PE GCSE Alternative

Year 10 and 11 now have a new GCSE PE alternaive course which is a V Cert from NCFE (NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness). This qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to Health and Fitness that includes a vocational and project-based element. The qualification will appeal to learners who wish to pursue a career in the Health and fitness sector or progress onto further study.

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8 Jan 2019, 03:10