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Who might enjoy this course?

You will enjoy this course if you want to study a subject that involves learning about and discussing the kind of historical changes that have shaped today’s world. There are key terms that you will need to master, dates that you will need to memorise, and a lot of content to understand: History is a demanding course but highly rewarding for those with interest and commitment.

Studying History encourages you to produce strong and reasoned arguments, based on the evaluation of evidence.  You should find that you become more critical of arguments, politically aware and self-confident in framing and expressing your own views.  These skills are for life.

What about exams? What will I study?

Your course will involve tow studies of British History, and two studies of global history:

•Medicine and Health in the UK from 1,000AD to 2,000AD.

•The later Elizabethan period – this will include the Armada, the succession crisis and a study of a historically significant location such as a house, castle or battlefield.

•The American West 1840–95

•Conflict & Tension 1918 – 1939: The Inter-War years and the rise of Nazism



The four modules are examined in two papers of 1 hour 45 minutes. There is no coursework / controlled assessment. The exam papers comprise a combination of direct, knowledge-based questions, and historical sources.

What could I do next with History?

History GCSE is highly regarded as it represents a strongly academic, literate and challenging qualification. These skills are the foundations of many a career in the law, journalism, academe, archaeology  and business. Students who have enjoyed GCSE History often look not only to progress to A Level History, but to include studies in Politics, International Relations and Philosophy.