Year 7

Musical Language and the Elements of Music

Rhythm, World music, African drumming/drum kits.

Christmas stuff! (Voice and rhythm based)

Instrument and ensemble skills, Ukulele and Rock n Roll

Instrument and ensemble skills keyboard

Religious music from around the world

Nasheed, Gamelan

Curriculum links - RE other world religions

Pop music, 4 chord performance and composition

(Include how pop music takes influence from world music - link to last topic)

Year 8

Blues music, Performing and composing blues

Curriculum link - History, slave trade

Pop music - Eurovision

Expan on 4 chord pop songs, Riffs/writing a melody/bridge or instrumental sections

Turn it into a Christmas pop song.

Curriculum link - Geography, European Union

Protest songs, Reggae

Curriculum link - History, civil rights

Modal music/Renaissance music/music technology

Compose a modal piece and transform it into a modern dance piece using technology

Introduction to year 9 music, Musical futures - style task and music theory.

Rhythm and world music - Samba

Year 9

Musical futures - in at the deep end (With instrumental workshops.)

Theory Baseline test (Grade 1 paper), Theory lessons

Musical futures - informal composing and song writing

Composition - Make a xmas song

Curriculum link - Geography Africa project.

Orchestral instruments (as part of musical futures), Learning aurally on different instruments, Inspiration for students to take up instrumental lessons

Theory lessons

Adapt a performance to suit your wants and style.

Someboy I used to know OR Pachelbel's canon OR MC Hammer Can't Touch This OR Sam and the Womp, Bom Bom

Theory lessons

Musical futures - with own choice

Theory and Listening (intro to GCSE)

Musical futures - own choice

Theory and Listening Papers (intro to GCSE)