Work Experience

In Year 10 students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience with an employer.  They will spend one week outside school learning about a particular job or area of work. 


There are two ways in which students can access a work experience placement, either finding one through a personal contact they know or searching the All Together database to find a suitable placement.  


Finding your own placement

You may already have a personal contact and employer in mind, or wish to approach an employer you are interested in working for.  There are tips on how to approach employers in your work experience pack.  Once you have made contact with the employer and they have agreed to offer you a placement, fill out the Work Experience Contact Details form in your pack and return to Miss Hinchliffe.  The employer will be contacted by school and a Health and Safety check completed.



Searching the All Together site

The website for this is

Students will be given their personal ID and information on how to use the All Together website in their work experience pack. You can use the search facility and find a placement and add it to your wish list.  You can search by post code, opportunity or employer.  Once you have made your choice, contact the employer and ask if they have a placement opportunity.  If so, complete the Work Experience Contact Details form and return to Miss Hinchliffe.


In some instances the employer may wish to interview you.  You will need to organise this with the employer yourself.  It is acceptable for this to be in school time but you must inform Miss Hinchliffe or Mrs Osborne in advance.


If you are having difficulty deciding what to do please see Miss Hinchliffe on Mondays or Wednesdays in the Careers Office on Design corridor.  There is a wealth of support available to you to help you.


National Citizen Service (NCS)

NCS is a government backed programme of activities for 16 and 17 year olds wishing to develop work related skills and take part in a social action project in their local area. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from the Prime Minister which is recognised by Academic institutions and employers. The young person will pay no more than £50 to take part, although funds are available from the school if money is a barrier.

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