2nd July 2021

posted 2 Jul 2021, 04:24 by Liz Pattinson

Dear Students/Parents/Carers,                                                                                                                          

 I hope this letter finds you and your family well.

As you are no doubt aware, the leadership of Alde Valley Academy is constantly looking at how we can improve the education of your children. We have made huge strides forward in terms of the quality and teaching and learning over the past 3 years and we continue to evaluate and improve all that we do inside and outside the classroom. We have a frequent and comprehensive Quality Assurance programme in place which includes Departmental Reviews which ask for parental and student feedback on the quality of our provision.

Again, we would like to hear from you if you have any comments at all about the school but particularly how well your son/daughter is taught at Alde Valley Academy. Whilst we can discuss individual subjects and lessons, we would rather not discuss individual teachers, more the systems that we have in place around behaviour management, communication, planning, marking and feedback. Please let me know your thoughts by using my email address at the bottom of this letter.

Over the last 12 months you will have noticed that we have looked closer at the Personal Development of our students and have had a whole school focus on issues around Mental and Physical Wellbeing, Diversity and Tolerance. As we look forward to the potential lifting of Covid precautions and returning to ‘normal’, we have reviewed how we incorporate Personal Development into every student’s day in school. We have introduced timetabled PSHE lessons into the curriculum but we feel that the time students spend with their tutor on a daily basis is vital for their pastoral care and development.

In order to allow our staff the time and capacity to deliver high quality and effective sessions during registration time, we would like to start the school day at 8.40am rather than 8.45am from September 2021. This will provide us with a 20-minute registration period where we can deliver a high quality, effective Personal Development programme to all year groups without affecting the rest of the curriculum.   

 I would very much like your views on this proposal as we will take all stakeholders’ views into consideration. We feel that the benefits of the extended day on developing well-rounded young people far outweighs any negative impacts of the proposal. If possible, I would like any feedback to be sent to me directly by Friday 16 July 2021 to complete our consultation by the end of term.

 Please send any correspondence to me on: d.mayhew@aldevalley.suffolk.sch.uk

 Thank you very much for your ongoing support. Wishing you all the very best; stay safe.

 Yours faithfully,

Dan Mayhew