Technology offers unimaginable opportunities and is constantly evolving. Access is currently becoming universal and increasingly more mobile, and pupils are using technology at an ever earlier age.

At Alde Valley School, we take e-safety very seriously. Students work through a module of work in KS3 identifying the potential risks of the online world, and what sensible steps they can take to keep themselves safe. We also hold whole school enrichment days exploring personal safety, and this includes sessions on being safe online.

Before anyone in school can use ICT equipment, they have to agree to an Acceptable Use Policy. This is largely common sense, but helps to make clear rules about safe use of ICT and the Internet. Our internet in school is filtered both through our ISP and our network managers, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful content.

As a parent, you might have concerns about what your child is doing online when they are at home or on the move. ThinkUKnow, has put together some top tips and practical advice for parents of secondary school children.

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