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What is Construction?

Construction is designed around practical skills and tasks that place an emphasis on learners demonstrating what they can do rather than what they know in theory. The qualification gives you the opportunity to acquire and develop generic, transferable and sector-specific skills in order to complete tasks and demonstrate a level of achievement that enables them to progress to further learning.

Who might enjoy this course?

This course is aimed at students who would benefit from learning a variety of trade sector skills based working methods that enable them for employability and apprenticeship based routes.


Basic carpentry, electronics, painting and decorating, technical drawing and bricklaying. Communication through writing, speaking and listening to others alongside communicating via electronic and social media. Working with others in teams, setting common goals and understanding roles and responsibilities. Problem solving through identifying and examining information and situations. Managing information through collection and sourcing data. Self management in planning and setting goals being proactive, flexible and working under pressure.

What about exams? What will I study?

You will then study 6 sector practical skills: creating an architectural plan, painting and decorating, carpentry, bricklaying, electrical circuits and costing repair jobs. Throughout the course you will carry out practical tasks, present information you have gathered, keep working logbooks, records and reflective journals, practise English and mathematical skills, take part in oral or written presentations and take part in work scenario role plays and interviews.You will study a variety of topics; the core topics involve the following areas, being organised, developing a personal progression plan, working with others and researching topics


This is a portfolio and vocational based route with no exam

What could I do next with GCSE Graphic Design?

The course has direct progression onto Level 2 Construction at a variety of local colleges and prepares students for apprenticeship based routes when leaving formal education.