Alde Valley Academy is currently experiencing a large number of applications for in year transfers from parents who would like their children to join our school. In the first term of the 2018-19 Academic Year we have had 25 additional students join the school.

For the past few years Alde Valley Academy has had a three form entry into year 7 and therefore three teaching groups across each subject area throughout students’ time at the school. It has always been the school’s aim, despite financial constraints, to keep teaching group sizes as small as possible. Due to the school’s rapid and sustained improvement over the past few years the Academy continues to attract many more students and has accepted a significant number of in year transfers from neighbouring schools. We fully anticipate this trend to continue as the reputation of the school continues to improve.

We are extremely pleased to be in a position where we can announce that from January 2019 we will be creating an additional teaching group in Year 9. This will mean that students are taught in an average group size of 23/24 which we feel is a more favourable student to staff ratio and is recognised to be of paramount importance in the progress of young people.

If you are considering applying for a place at Alde Valley Academy for your child I would strongly recommend coming to have a look at the school in action. During our tour we can discuss the benefits of life at Alde Valley and you can see for yourself the calm, focused and friendly atmosphere in the school. To date 100% of prospective parents who have toured the school have gone on to apply for a place for their child, many returning with other siblings and making subsequent applications.

Tours can be booked via the Headteacher's PA and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.

You can apply for a place at Alde Valley through the Suffolk County Council School Places website.

Laura Osborne,
18 Dec 2018, 05:59