About Alde Valley Academy

Alde Valley Academy is a mixed academy in Leiston in Suffolk. 

We became an academy on the 1st January 2015 to further support our vision to become an outstanding school and enable our students to realise their full potential and prepare them to become responsible and successful citizens.

Our staff are passionate and fully committed to providing the very best education for all of our students - every child matters to us, every lesson, every day.

Alde Valley Academy is the fastest growing secondary school in Suffolk due to the high expectations that we have of our staff and students. We are ambitious for our students’ progress, attainment and personal development and strive to create an environment that promotes a keen enjoyment of learning.

Alde Valley Academy is a member of the Kingfisher Schools Trust. This is a relatively new and increasingly popular Multi Academy chain originating from Sir John Leman High School in Beccles, which combines the strength of a local base with a strong, innovative energy and support.

We work to ensure that all of our students achieve their full academic potential, promoting self-discipline, creativity, independence, self-confidence and the ability to work collaboratively with others. We also pride ourselves on offering a rich curriculum which delivers the key skills that every student needs for adult life, such as leadership, management and problem solving. Our students take pride in their school and their own achievement as well as the achievement of others. We achieve this through ensuring small classroom sizes, effective teaching and regular feedback.

We excel at nurturing our students in a safe and happy environment, caring for their emotional wellbeing and understanding personal needs. Furthermore, we work hard to develop high quality relationships with parents and carers to secure their support and commitment. We are a community which is based on clear moral values; a community where there is a clear sense of belonging and identity.

Over the years we have fostered close links with local employers, industry, universities and post-16 providers, offering students the broadest possible opportunity to follow their chosen career pathway.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to this thriving community school.