Information for Students

Alde Valley Head Boy and Girl Introduction

We are honoured to be the new Head Boy and Head Girl of Alde Valley and hope that we can benefit the school.

At the end of the last school year, Mr Mayhew received 25 applicants from prospective year 11s for the role of Student Ambassador. The staff were very impressed by how professionally the application letters were written and how calmly each student handled the individual interviews, as well as their sheer passion to have a say in what goes on around the school.

Some of these newly promoted Student Ambassadors wanted a further challenge to become candidates for the roles of Head Boy and Head Girl. In order to do this, they had to face up to possibly every high school student’s fear: standing up and giving a speech to the entire school and staff. 8 girls applied for Head Girl and just 3 boys for Head Boy. At an Assembly, each candidate stood up and delivered their speech to the entire school community; all had amazing different approaches and ideas on how they would help the school. Students and staff alike then voted on who they thought would be the best for the role.

The results rolled in after an agonizing wait, and I, Isabel, am honoured to be given this amazing opportunity. I wanted this position as it would allow me to further represent Alde Valley Academy. I look forward to seeing and helping the school develop as well as getting involved with our community and organising events in the future.

I, Joseph, was appointed as Head Boy. I wanted the position of Head Boy firstly as an example of leadership for any future career, but more importantly so I can take a significant part of the school life and working with the teachers and pupils to further improve student education and experiences. I feel I am able to fulfil my ideas as well as help organise events and have input in decisions within the school.

Overall, we will work together with the Student Ambassadors, staff and students from all year groups to help the school continue to improve and become the community we all want it to be.

Written by students Isabel and Joseph

Student Journalist Team

As of September 2018, we now have a student journalism team made up of 14 students from Years 10 and 11 to bring you the latest scoop of what’s going on at Alde Valley Academy. So far we have covered sports fixtures, school trips and events in school and have had specialist advice from experts in the journalism field to enhance our skills.

Volunteer students have taken on the challenge of being a photographer, an author or an editor which is giving them a deeper insight into what it means to be a journalist and what it’s like to work within the field. We are working closely with Leiston Press to develop our newsletter into more of a magazine format and to use the Boost local news to spread the word of our events and achievements at Alde Valley Academy. We hope you enjoy what’s to come in our newsletters. Keep your eyes peeled on the Alde Valley Facebook and Twitter pages!

Written by Isabel