Information for Students


Our Head Students are selected from across Year 11 following an interview with senior staff and a presentation to students. They work closely with the Senior Leadership Team and they lead a team of student ambassadors and student councillors from Key Stage 3 and 4.


Our Ambassadors are also selected from across Year 11. They represent the school at all academy events, from staff interviews, student reward assemblies, to organising Year 11 activities such as the Prom and Year Book. Student ambassadors work closely with the house system and student council to ensure our student voice is listened to and acted upon.


It is vital that our students recognise that they are the core of the academy and that their views are listened to and acted upon.

The academy has an active Student Council formed of elected representatives from each tutor group. Student councillors regularly meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, where issues raised by the Council are discussed. Proposals from the Senior Leadership Team are then fed back by the Student Councillors. The Student Council is also actively involved with trips, charity events and rewards.

Alde Valley Academy Entry Dora Love 2023


We have a student journalism team made up of students from all year groups to bring you the latest scoop of what’s going on at Alde Valley Academy. So far we have covered sports fixtures, school trips and events in school and have had specialist advice from experts in the journalism field to enhance our skills. 

Volunteer students have taken on the challenge of being a photographer, an author or an editor which is giving them a deeper insight into what it means to be a journalist and what it’s like to work within the field. We hope you enjoy what’s to come in our newsletters. Keep your eyes peeled on the Alde Valley Facebook and Twitter pages!