What is our purpose of education at Alde Valley Academy?

At Alde Valley Academy we want to guide our students to build their characters; we want to prepare them for the world of work; we want to teach academic subjects for their intrinsic value, but above all else we strive to further social justice. We know that at the time of the 2011 census, 90.8% of Suffolk’s population was white British, compared to 79.8% for England. We want the purpose of education at Alde Valley Academy to be a gateway where we can improve society and prepare students to take part in citizenship, SMSC and cultural capital. We believe this sits at the heart of education at Alde Valley Academy. 

How does our purpose of education align with our vision and values?

Our values are co-operation, ambition, respect and empathy. We have a partnership with our families and community and we share the goal to create relevant learning opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom, to help our students to become responsible, respectful, tolerant citizens who are ready to meet the challenges of the future. 

Our curriculum intent

We believe in scope, rigor, sequencing, and coherence. We believe that without knowledge you cannot access and practise the skills. Knowledge will allow our students to thrive with an informed curiosity about the world. We want students to become critical thinkers, to analyse, to question and to understand the value of diverse experiences thus enriching their own sense of identity. We want them to experience awe and wonder in the classroom and help them to be happy and principled individuals. 

Curriculum Maps

Options Booklet

Options Booklet 2022.pdf

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview (2022-23).pdf