Vision and Values

Achievement For All

Our vision is to ensure that our children receive the very best education, realise their full potential and are prepared to become responsible and successful citizens.

Our academy is quite simply about our young people who are great ambassadors. We believe that we have something unique in our ethos, ambition and approach:

  • A curriculum that is exciting and is built around the young people who come into the school at age 11, reflecting the entire spread of ability and need

  • A pastoral system that is highly effective, offering real support for young people together with high expectations of conduct and attitude

  • A very well grounded transition plan for young people joining the school

  • A real community where every single person is known, has a voice and can share in the school’s success

  • A school which really values preparation for the world of work alongside excellent qualifications

  • Very good working relationships in the classroom with a focus on continuing development of best practice in teaching and learning

  • An outward looking organisation that values partnerships that help our young people to succeed and our staff to become even more effective