Alde Valley Staff

Mr D. Mayhew

Mrs L Isaac
Assistant Headteacher

Miss K. Moore
Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Staff

Mr R. Battle | Maths and Head of Year 9 and 10

Mr J. Burch | Science

Mrs M. Clarke-Wilson | Art

Mr M. Creed | Maths

Mrs M. Duro | English

Mr W. Gilham | Head of History

Mrs E. Gleeson | Head of Performing Arts

Dr V. Green | Head of Geography

Miss A. Harris | MFL

Ms L. Hutchinson | English

Mrs L. Isaac | Assistant Headteacher/Alternate DSL

Mr A. Kelsall | PE / PA / Maths / Science

Ms A. Laker | Design

Mr D. Mayhew | Headteacher / Alternate DSL

Mrs G. Mayhew | Head of PE and Health & Social Care

Miss K. Moore | Assistant Headteacher / DSL

Mr A. Moscovici | MFL and Head of Year 8

Mr A. Napier | Drama

Teaching Staff

Mr D. Neill | Head of Computer Science & Business Studies

Mr S. Oakley | Humanities

Ms L. Pattinson | Head of Design

Mr J. Peart | Head of Science

Miss E. Skayman | English

Mrs T. Short | Head of Maths

Mrs R. Smith | Health & Social Care/Science

Ms D. Smith | Head of English

Mr J. Smith | Maths/Science/PE & Careers Lead

Mr L. Southgate | Science

Mrs E. Spears | Art and Design

Mr J. Spink | Geography

Miss E. Stebbings | English and Head of Year 7

Mrs J. Thompson | Head of MFL

Mrs H. Tilbrook | English

Mr S. Webb | Maths and Head of Year 11

Miss K. Whatling | Head of PSHE

Mrs C. Wills | SENDCo

Learning Support Staff

Mrs A. Betts | Pastoral and Safeguarding Support Officer

Mrs J. DeBelgeonne | Pastoral and Safeguarding Support Officer

Mr J Chandler | Learning Support Assistant

Miss L Enright | Learning Support Assistant

Miss S. Hostler | Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C. Klingsick | HLTA (Sensory & Physical Needs)

Mrs J. Keeble | HLTA (Learning & Cognition)

Mrs T Miley | Learning Support Assistant

Miss L. Mills | Learning Support Assistant

Mr A. Thomas | Intervention Tutor

Support Staff - Finance / Admin

Mrs M. Burrows | Finance Assistant

Mrs S. Doubleday | Reception / Admin Assistant

Mrs J. Hall | Reception / Admin Assistant

Mrs M Jones | Cover Supervisor

Mrs S. Jones | Education Support Officer

Mrs E. Martinez | Cover Supervisor

Mrs L. Nicolosi | Education Support Manager

Mrs E. Pattinson | Headteacher's PA / Office Manager

Mrs A. White | Education Support Officer

Support Staff - Technicians

Miss E Scammell | Design and Repro Technician

Mrs A. Pinkney | Science Technician

Mr R. Oxborrow | ICT Systems Manager

Mr M. Wilson | ICT Technician

Catering Staff

Ms C. Bloomfield | Catering Staff

Mrs M. Herrieven | Catering Staff

Ms S Knight | Catering Staff

Mrs S. Thorp | Catering Staff

Site Management Staff

Mr A. Ayling | Site Manager

Mrs M. Bailey | Cleaning Staff

Mrs G. Cawdron | Cleaning Staff

Mr P. Church | Mini Bus Driver

Mrs J. Cracknell | Cleaning Staff

Mr A. Hume | Mini Bus Driver

Site Management Staff

Mr C. MacDonald | Caretaker

Mrs D. MacDonald | Cleaning Staff

Mr M. Phillips | Mini Bus Driver

Mrs T. Saunders | Cleaning Staff

Mrs S. Shawley | Cleaning Staff