Business Studies

"A satisfied customer is the best Business strategy of all" 

Michael LaBoeuf, Basics of Retail Management

Business Studies Vision

At Alde Valley Academy, students are encouraged to foster an awareness and natural curiosity of the Business environment around them. Doing so allows them to have a deeper understanding of the businesses that students will work for or run, and the key driving factors and inhibitors that impact the environment.

In Business Studies we play a key part in developing skills that will prepare students’ workplace skills which in turn will contribute to their economic wellbeing. Our curriculum contextualises learning through the use of real-life situations and problem-solving scenarios. Our students develop personal qualities such as the ability to work effectively in teams.

The Business Studies Department introduces pupils to the dynamics of how a business is set up and organised. It enables individuals to enhance their ability to enter the world of work within a wide range of business organisations. The department also provides valuable opportunities to develop key skills such as ICT, Maths, team working and communication, as well as developing confidence and inter-personal skills.

At KS4, we offer Business Studies at GCSE where they will develop key problem-solving skills useful in a range of disciplines as well as skills that will give them an opportunity to work or for further study in the developing area seen to be key in the modern world.

Revision Provisions

What is GCSE Business Studies?

In GCSE Business you will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business concepts and issues. You will apply knowledge and understanding of business concepts and issues to a variety of contexts both locally and nationally. You will also analyse and evaluate business information and issues to demonstrate an understanding of business activity, make judgements and draw conclusions 

Who might enjoy this course?

Anyone with a keen interest in the local and indeed wider area. The course focuses on looking at key business concepts and issues concerning the activities of a business. It also explores Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. It would also appeal to anyone who is considering going into business for themselves 


You will develop analytical skills, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills and resilience 

What about exams? What will I study?

There are two themes (units) for this GCSE which will both be examined at the end of the course in 2 exam papers

Theme 1 – Investigating Small Business (50% of final grade)

In this theme you will look at 5 key areas:

Topic 1 – Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Topic 2 – Spotting a Business Opportunity

Topic 3 – Putting a Business Idea into Practice

Topic 4 – Making the Business Effective

Topic 5 – Understanding External Influences.

Theme 2 – Building a Business (50% of final grade)

In this theme you will look at 5 key areas:

Topic 1 – Growing the Business

Topic 2 – Making Marketing Decisions

Topic 3 – Making Operational Decisions

Topic 4 – Making Financial Decisions

Topic 5 – Making Human Resource Decisions 

What could I do next with GCSE Business Studies?

Progress to AS and A Level Business at 6th Form. You could also progress to further Business courses at college. Potential careers: Running your own business, Supply Chain Manager, Advertising, Production, Marketing, Accounts, Finance, Management or Administration.

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